Up and coming downloads from Media Currents!

Media Album - This program is Media Currents latest creation. Have you ever wanted to keep your own diary, photo album, or scrap book on computer and customize it exactly the way that you want it? Now you can!. Media Album will enable the user to enter any information and then store the information for later use (i.e, diary, journal, etc). Media Album will also allow anyone with a scanner (or access to a scanner) to take a photograph, logo, or article and use it for display in your desired layout. Many other features will be added to this program during the development process. Currently Media Album is approximately 50% complete.

Media Editor- This program enables the user to change information on a particular web page with the click of a button. The most valuable feature of this program is that it avoids the use of CGI and PERL scripts. All you need to know is the login name and password on your ftp server. Media Currents will develop a custom version of this program to meet your needs.

If you have any questions about these projects, please contact Media Currents.


In 2007, Mediacurrent was founded in metro-Atlanta by Paul Chason and Dave Terry- two life-long friends that have known each other since elementary school. Mediacurrent was the by-product of wanting to expand Paul’s existing freelance web development business. At the time, Paul and Dave noticed a huge void in the marketplace for digital agencies that could assist organizations adopt an open-source software based web strategy. This was the core problem they wanted to solve. They chose to grow and build a company around HTML version 5, and an open-source content management system (CMS).